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We are one of the foremost importers and distributers of wooden broom handles in the U.K. and Ireland, with over 35 years experience in the trade, both in manufacturing and importation of this product.

About us


We are importers and distributers of wooden broom handles in the U.K. & Ireland and have over 35 years experience providing our customers with a professional and streamlined service. All of our products can be ordered in large quantities and custom specifications. We also import other products such as hot water bottles which you can find out more about in our services section below.

Our Mission

For many years our main goal has been to give our customers a large range of options while delivering a first class product. Because of our vast knowledge and experience in the importation and distribution our prices can not be beaten.  We only offer our customers first quality materials and hold all sizes of stock in our Liverpool warehouse. Items can be delivered to our customer warehouses within 72 hours of receipt of order.

Our products

Importation & Distribution

Wooden Broom Handles

The specification of our handles are double sanded and domed one end and straight cut the other. Our prices depend on the number of pallets that are ordered. We can deliver 1 pallet of 40′ F.C.L. shipments mixing the sizes in the container if required. However unlike some of our competitors we only offer first quality material and we hold stock of all sizes in our Liverpool warehouse. We can normally deliver within 72 hours of receipt of order and are delivered to our customers warehouse in U.K. or Ireland. We cannot offer part pallet quantities. We offer a first class product and our prices cannot be beaten.

We can also produce handles for the tool and garden trades to the customers own specifications and in any quantity. All broom handles can have tapered ends.

Hot Water Bottles

All hot water bottles are made from natural rubber and manufactured to the latest British standards specifications – BS 1970:2012

2 Litre Double Ribbed in Fleece Covers (4 attractive designs)

  • 2 Litre Double Ribbed Plain (Assorted Colours)
  • Bar Code No. 5060156020005
  • In individual hanging poly bag with printed safely instructions& bar code
  • 10 units in plain poly bag
  • 3 plain poly bags per carton
  • 30 units per carton
  • 39 cartons per pallet

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If you are a business and are looking to make an order please contact us through our details below or through our contact form and we well return you call as soon as possible.

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